Positive attitude and ability to be flexible in a non-static environment. Supervisory experience on feature films and tv. Over a decade of illustrating numerous storybooks based on the most popular Disney & Pixar animated films. Over a decade in creative leadership roles at various studios. Well rounded understanding of the production pipeline & the ability to come up with winning visual solutions quickly. Ability to match, change, improve on and maintain different artistic styles. Track record of quality work that is always on time. Experienced, mature, very dynamic, forceful yet creative, friendly and fun leadership style. Ability to get the job done right the first time, on time and under budget. Dedicated, loyal and honest.

• Proven ability to work closely as part of small or large team with tight schedules. Ability to communicate effectively and tactfully with managers, coworkers, subordinates, outside vendors, clients and other levels of personnel.

• Demonstrated ability to prioritize and manage time well.
Excellent organizational and leadership skills.

• Proactive and can anticipate potential problems, see tasks all the way through to successful completion on every project.

*art direction
*background painting
*matte painting
*visual development
*texture paint
*children's storybook illustration
*concept art